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Rim Country Air Conditioning and Heating Service and Repair Experts

The Rim Country is an awesome place to live.  The area offers multiple seasons, an abundance of wildlife, and views that are some of the most sought after in the world.

That being said, the Rim Country offers some unique challenges to all of us who call it home.  We have high summer temperatures and dry, dry, dry seasons; as well as instense cold seasons that can hit out of no where bringing with it harsh sleet, snow, and wind.  It is during these times we appreciate our home sanctuary and need it to provide us with comfort even in the harshest of climate scenarious.

Do you have Air Conditioning, Heating, or general comfort issues within your home in the Rim Contry?

You don't want to find yourself with a poorly-working (or not at all working) Air Conditioning and Heating system during extreme climates in our neck of the woods!  Here are a few of the home comfort issues we see on a regular basis throughout the Rim Country:
  • Dirty air filters and condensor coils disrupting performance
  • Inadequate thermostat location within home causing temperature misreadings
  • Heating & A/C Units short cycling (turning on and off too much!)
  • Heat pump systems not equipped to monitor outside temp and reacted to freezing temps
  • Not enough moisture inside the home
  • Refrigerant leaks caused by corrosion or vibration
If you suspect you are having any of these problems, or are worried or just not satisfied with your home's comfort system, Give us a call today. We are dedicated to our Rim Country customers and work hard to make your homes comfortable all year long, regardless of the weather. We also work hard to ensure that the comfort you receive in your home, dosn't cost you an arm and a leg.

If you are in need of a quality, trustworthy company that can provide you with the best service possible, then contact North Mechanical Heating & cooling at (928)468-9400.

There is absolutely no cost to you to find out what it would take to get a new system in your house today.  Interested?   Click here to request a free quote!

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